Derma-Scope SG

A State of the Art Computerized Skin Diagnosis System! With our Skin Diagnosis Software, you can track skin care progress over time, giving you informed, professional skin care recommendations, assisted by a personalized computer analyzes. The Derma-scope monitors moisture level, elasticity, sebum, evenness, freckling, skin sensitivity and even the depth of wrinkles.

Manufactured exclusively for the Specialty Retail market, by the medical imaging industry, the Derma-scope is a powerful tool that educates…making you a skin care expert!

The Derma-scope is equipped with three powerful lenses :

-1x: for regular viewing
-10x: for wrinkle analysis
-60x: for deep skin analysis, in 3modes (Normal, Mode2 and Polarized)

One Moisture Sensor Analyzer
An Oil Stick (to determine skin oil level)
Product Specifications:

- Analyzes: Moisture, Elasticity, Sebum (to determine skin type), Pore Sizes, Skin Texture, Skin Transparancy, Spots, Skin Sensitivity and Wrinkle Depth.
- Provides advice on how to manage you customers skin
- Recommends products for use (treatment)
- Keeps track of session and stores images taken for future comparaison
- Easy to use.

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